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Journey of a Photographer / December 31, 2018

Everlasting connection to an unknown world

In my previous blog titled Window to a Photo, I talked about my official trip to Noordwijkerhout, in western Netherlands. This one is a prequel to that blog. An everlasting connection to an unknown world.

Arriving in The Netherlands…

I arrived at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on a rainy Sunday morning. We were transported from the airport straight away to our hotel in Noordwijkerhout. While entering the hotel premises I had noticed that it was surrounded by farms of varying sizes with cottage-like houses.

…I reached an unknown world…

We had about 3 hours to ourselves as the training was scheduled to commence after lunch. So, after a super-quick breakfast, I decided to take a stroll in the nearby settlements. I took one of those tourist maps from the concierge desk and figured out the best way around for my stroll. Standing next to a large glass window at the concierge, I noticed multiple rows of green bicycles. They were parked in the parking shed couple of meters away from the main entrance. I rushed back to the concierge desk to ask if those bicycles were available on rent. The affirmative response was a delight. Now, I could look around farther and faster in the surrounding area.

…which brought Heaven into my hands!

In under 3 minutes, I was riding a green bicycle on a long, wet, and empty road with lush green trees on both sides. As I slowly cycled down this road, every couple of meters there were houses that were cottages one could find in fairy tales. It was windy that day. Very windy.

connection to an unknown world

Clouds of varying sizes and shapes sprinkled the bright blue sky. Cycling against the wind, paddling slowly, I looked up at the sky. I felt as if the clouds peeked at me from between the leaves. Or possibly the trees, and their leaves, swayed with the wind to obstruct the sky and the clouds. The Sun, it felt, was laying back on a hammock having spread its sunlight all around. That day, that moment, that bicycle, that road, and me, together made what one could call as Heaven.

connection to an unknown world


That road led me through a world that I never knew existed. Cycling through the arterial road, I reached a tri-junction at a main road. I couldn’t see anybody in any direction. May be everyone was enjoying their Sunday. Or it was simply a function of low population density. That main road led me to a nearby beach filled with sand dunes. Those dunes had grass blades that remained bent in one direction. And when the wind blew, they would swing back and forth like a baby’s hair.

And, I can still feel that Heaven

Hues of beige, dull green, blue, sky blue and white was so beautiful that capturing it in one frame or a canvas would be injustice to the beauty. One had to be there to see it and soak it in.

At the same time, my mind kept pinning spots which had the potential for a good photo. Imagining frames at a location is the most rewarding part of the whole process for me. It brings forth a unique experience which is a cumulative of unfelt emotions, inner peace, excitement, nervousness, deep sense of belonging, and so much more! The bundle of joy that whole experience is, is inexplicable.

Irrespective of how good they are, the outcome is a certain set of photographs that leave an everlasting connection with the space.



Authored by Shivendra Lal.

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